"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."

Matthew 28:19

As followers of Christ, we believe we've been commanded to "live sent". This means that we're here for a purpose, as ambassadors of Christ wherever he sends us.  Following this command, we focus on doing the work of ministry and evangelism in our immediate community, as well as in our state, our country, and around the world.

Through our Mission Teams, we long to lead others to embrace a habit of living sent for the Gospel of Christ and His Great Commission. In accomplishing this, we seek to partner all our mission teams with the local church, so that they can assist in creating a culture of disciple-making.

Contact Info: If you have questions or would like information on joining a NorthPark Mission Trip, email Ryan Christmas at: ryan@nponline.org.

India - Not Ashamed Ministries

Not Ashamed Ministries partners with local believers and ministry leaders in India doing VBS, pastor/missionary training, discipleship, youth ministry, etc. The trip cost includes flight, hotel, food, in-country travel, tips for translators, and all ministry expenses.
 Where: Mumbai, India
When: October 2023
Estimated Cost: Approximately $2500

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