"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."

Matthew 28:19

As followers of Christ, we believe we've been commanded to "live sent". This means that we're here for a purpose, as ambassadors of Christ wherever he sends us.  Following this command, we focus on doing the work of ministry and evangelism in our immediate community, as well as in our state, our country, and around the world.

Through our Mission Teams, we long to lead others to embrace a habit of living sent for the Gospel of Christ and His Great Commission. In accomplishing this, we seek to partner all our mission teams with the local church, so that they can assist in creating a culture of disciple-making.

Contact Info: If you have questions or would like information on joining a NorthPark Mission Trip, email Ryan Christmas at: ryan@nponline.org.

Mexico - Mega Missions Building Trip

Every May, we partner with Mega Missions to take a building trip to Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. While there, we work on building a church facility for an existing congregation to gather together. This trip is primarily construction in scope, but construction expertise or experience is not required.
Where: Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
When: May 2024
Estimated Cost: Approximately $900

Ecuador - Kingdom Acts Partnership Trip

Every July, we partner with Kingdom Acts to take a short-term trip to Quito, Ecuador, as well as surrounding Ecuadorian jungle villages. While there, we perform various tasks to serve and bless the people of these communities, such as water purification, VBS camps, pastoral training, giving shoes to kids, First Aid training, and other things. 
 Where: Quito, Ecuador and remote villages
When: July 2024
Estimated Cost: Approximately $1500

US - Builders for Christ

Builders for Christ is an organized group of churches that come together every summer to do mission work, constructing church facilities for existing Christian congregations that are actively telling their communities about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Lord.
Where: TBD
When: August 2024
Estimated Cost: Approximately $700

Mexico - Esperanza Viva Partner Visit

Esperanza Viva is a church in Mexico that is led by one of our former staff members, Juan Perrusquia. Over the last few years, we've partnered with them to build a building, host community events, and more!  
Where: Pedro Escobedo, Mexico
When: Fall 2024
Estimated Cost: Approximately $1600

Mexico - Mega Missions Medical Trip

Every February, we partner with Mega Missions to take a medical trip to Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. While there, we work in underprivileged communities to provide basic healthcare and treatment. This trip is primarily medical in scope, but medical expertise or experience is not required.
Where: Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
When: February 2025
Estimated Cost: Approximately $900

Southeast US - GO Tour Student Ministry Trip

Every year, on spring break, our students take a trip to a city in the southeast United States. While there, they do ministry projects, lead Bible clubs for children and families, and host block parties in the communities where they are serving. 
Where: Southeast United States
When: Spring 2025
Estimated Cost: Approximately $350

India - Not Ashamed Ministries

Not Ashamed Ministries partners with local believers and ministry leaders in India doing VBS, pastor/missionary training, discipleship, youth ministry, etc. The trip cost includes flight, hotel, food, in-country travel, tips for translators, and all ministry expenses.
 Where: Mumbai, India
When: Spring 2025
Estimated Cost: Approximately $2500

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