10 Big Goals for the Next 10 Years

At the beginning of 2021, NorthPark adopted our 2030 Vision, stating our “10 Big Goals for the Next 10 Years.”
As a church family and under the leadership of our Lord, we are working together to accomplish these goals by the year 2030.

1.  To have 400 D-Groups doing 2400 ministry evangelism projects a year.

2.  To develop a disciple-making network with churches across the country.

3.  To be totally debt free in ten years.

4.  To give 20% to missions out of our annual church budget.

5.  To continue to see Noah’s Park thrive and to reach 7 new families a year for our church.

6.  To more than double the number of adult Life Groups from 24 to 50.

7.  To develop and maintain a positive relationships with every school in our area.

8.  To build “The Park” at NorthPark.

9.  To create a sending culture by involving 50% of our members in local and global missions.

10.  To establish key NorthPark partnerships with local, national, and international churches.

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