D-Life Boot Camps

D-Life Boots Camps provide four hours of excellent training for a a lifestyle of disciple-making. In a D-Life Boot Camp, we don't just talk about discipleship, but believers will learn how to make disciples as a way of life. We will role play, share exciting stories, and equip believers with a proven disciple-making process modeled after Jesus and His six practices of discipleship.

Pastor Bill and his wife Rondie, have led D-Life training in hundreds of churches, ministries, associations, and state conventions across the country.  At NorthPark, we provide D-Life training every year in January to equip new leaders for disciple-making.

The Greater Work

Disciple-Making. Anytime. Anywhere

"The Greater Work,” by our pastor Dr. Bill Wilks,  is a book about disciple-making—anytime and anywhere. The big truth unpacked in these pages is that disciple-making is not a program; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you read it for yourself or use it for a small group study, this book will also equip you for the greater work of making disciples who make disciples. Many books talk about disciple-making; this book will train you how. We offer one free copy per family of "The Greater Work" to all NorthPark Members. You can pick it up at the NorthPark Cafe. Additional copies are available from Amazon.

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