Disciple-making is not a program;  it's a lifestyle.

Making disciples who make disciples is the nucleus of NorthPark. Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). Clearly, this was no invitation to participate in a discipleship program but a call to a lifestyle of disciple-making. At NorthPark, we practice this lifestyle in small Discipleship Groups (D-Groups).

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are small groups of three to five people who meet weekly for intentional discipleship. These groups can meet anytime and anywhere. Some meet at the church, while others meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, businesses, schools, and parks. Most of our groups are gender specific and multigenerational. We encourage participation from our students all the way through senior adults.

In a D-Group, there is a high level of accountability related to daily Bible reading and applying the Bible to our personal lives.  The Bible is our only textbook, we do ministry together outside the walls of the church,  and we strive to multiply out new groups every year. By connecting in a D-Group, you will not only build intimate relationships with others, but you will grow in your relationship with God. You will also learn how to be a personal disciple-maker for the rest of your life.

 The 3-Fold Purpose of a D-Group is...
  1. to grow in spiritual maturity,
  2. to serve in missional ministry, and 
  3. to reproduce disciple-makers.

D-Life Online or a D-Life Journal are excellent disciple-making tools that provide our NorthPark D-Groups with a simple and biblical process for disciple-making. All of our groups use these tools for their Weekly Study Guides. We also provide annual D-Life training for all of our group leaders.

Use the D-Life Online Login Link to log in to D-Life by clicking the button below. Once you log in to this free online resource, you will have everything you need to lead or participate in a D-Group--anytime and anywhere. You can also pick up a free D-Life Journal at our NorthPark Cafe if you prefer a physical copy of D-Life.

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