"Honor the Lord with your possessions, with the first produce of your entire harvest." - Proverbs 3:9

Jesus teaches us to honor God with our resources. This includes our time, talent, and treasures (money). Regular, generous, and joyful giving to the Lord of our “tithes and offerings” is taught and encouraged (Malachi 3:10-12).


The leadership and staff at NorthPark strive to be the best stewards of the resources God has blessed the church with through your generous giving. Managing the financial resources of the church is done with the utmost integrity following generally accepted accounting principles. In addition to qualified staff leading church operations, a stewardship team of lay leaders provides continual accountability and review of NorthPark’s finances.

Ways to Give at NorthPark

  • NorthPark website: To give online, select "give" from the upper right corner of this site. You will be prompted to set up a Subsplash account. Follow the simple instructions to set up your account and begin giving.
  • Text messaging: Text the word npgive to (888) 364-4483. Then follow the prompts.
  • NorthPark app: The NorthPark App is currently being revised. You will soon be able to give through the app. You will also be able to watch sermons, listen to sermon audio, register for events, and access additional resources.
  • In-person giving: You can always give in person by placing your offerings in the Giving Boxes as you enter or exit the worship services. There are envelopes provided beside the boxes as well in each Sunday’s Worship Guide.
  • Mail: You can also mail your gifts to NorthPark Baptist Church, 5700 Deerfoot Parkway, Trussville, AL 35173
  • Creative giving ideas: If a cash gift is not an option for you, consider some of these creative giving ideas: stocks/bonds, gold/silver, real estate, jewelry, naming NorthPark as a beneficiary from your IRA/401K, estate, or life insurance policy.
  • IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution: A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a great way for individuals that are over 70 & 1/2 years old with an IRA and a need to withdraw funds to meet a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), to make a contribution to NorthPark Baptist Church. The money you contribute to NorthPark using a QCD is not included in your adjusted gross income on your tax return which is a better option than listing the donation as a simple charitable contribution. Please note that when making a QCD to a charity, you are not allowed to claim a tax deduction for the contribution because it is not taxed as income under the IRA Rollover provision. Please click here for more information. 

NorthPark Annual Budget

NorthPark has two main administrative teams that are made up of members of our church. The Stewardship team aids in the development of the church’s annual budget, as well as providing financial oversight and accountability throughout the year. The Personnel Team aids in the recommendation of personnel salaries, as well as providing oversight and guidance in other personnel matters throughout the year.

Each year an annual budget is presented to the church for approval. Once approved, that budget becomes our operating budget for the church year, which runs from August to July. Click here for a copy of NorthPark's annual budget.
If you need any assistance, please email our Executive Pastor, Stephen Hall, at stephen@nponline.org or our Financial Ministry Assistant, Sharon Terry, at sharon@nponline.org.
(Special thanks to our friends at Westwood Baptist Church, Alabaster, AL for wisdom in helping us compile Giving Info and QCD information for the NorthPark family.)

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